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A Year 7 Cyber Security Lesson Plan

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On the 16th of March 2023, CISSE UK and CyberFirst hosted a "Problem Book Challenge" workshop at the NCSC Cyber Security Education Ecosystem Conference. The primary theme of this "crowd solving" activity was to explore the question of: "What are the challenges of teaching cyber security to 11-17 year olds, and how do we overcome them?". Within this theme, we asked for a response to a set of six sub-questions.

The attached pdf file contains unabridged responses that were collected via a shared online Padlet document during this activity. Useful notes about the contributions to the Padlet are as follows:

Workshop date: Thu, 16 March 2023

Padlet activity timeframe: Approximately 30 minutes

Number of Posts: 119

Number of Comments on Posts: 26

Number of Reactions to Posts: 80

Number of discreet Contributors: 60

Problem Book Challenge
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THE CHALLENGE How do we create and test a lesson plan for 11...


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