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A Year 7 Cyber Security Lesson Plan

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Hello again. This is a quick update, there have been 3 schools running/piloting this content over the last few weeks. Feedback is very positive, with students enjoying the freedom to research things under their own steam. So as a proof of concept, can non-technical teachers deliver the content, the answer is yes!

There are of course a few changes to be made, to tighten a few things up, but it has been a really positive start.

Sarah De'Ath

Might be useful to specify in the sheets how the questions should be answered e.g. is it just bullet point notes, report, presentation etc?


Might be helpful to present the lab worksheet as an infographic rather than slides.


Hi @patrick b, it is nice to see you here after our recent discussion. Look forward to more discussion on CyberBasics.


THE CHALLENGE How do we create and test a lesson plan for 11...


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