CISSE UK Resonate

CISSE UK Resonate, is a career design and development initiative for university students, graduates and career changers who aspire towards careers in data analytics and visualisation, governance, risk, compliance, networking, software development, software engineering, DevOps, Dev SecOps, UX, security testing, vulnerability management and much more.

Resonate is...
by Design!

Principal career factors like knowledge, skills, professionalism, work experience, CVs, job descriptions, confidence etc, are collectively analysed, so that the potential to achieve personal career aspirations are optimised. The initiative aims to address many concerns that are often experienced by students and graduates. For example:

  • How do I get cyber security work experience?

  • I can't find a placement or internship!

  • Job searching is confusing and often demoralising!

  • What are my cyber security career options?

  • Where can I get specialist advice to create a CV for a cyber security job application?

  • How can I build my digital literacy and technology confidence?

  • I am struggling to find an idea for my Undergraduate final year project or MSc dissertation.

Resonate aims to help students and graduates:

  • Create a personal employability strategy

  • Complete a "internship-style" Employability Centred Projects (ECPs)

  • Evidence and share their validated Resonate activities


Getting started?
The next Resonate project will start in July 2022. If you would like to apply to take part, you can register your interest via the form below and we will notify you when applications are open.

Resonate Project: Expression of Interest

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