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Problem Book Numbers

Problem Book ID

A unique alpha-numeric value the is linked to a problem book

Designator Details

The name of a person or team that initiates a problem book is its principal point of contact.

Designator Organisation

The organisation or institution of a problem book designator.

Launch Date

The date that a problem book is officially launched.


The current status of a problem book. Values are as follows:

  • Dormant (an inactive problem book)

  • Live (an active problem book)

  • Pending (a problem book that is set to launch within the next 4 weeks)

Problem Book Domain

The CISSE UK Problem Book focuses on a sequential pipeline of CSE domains that are interlinked. They are:

  • Routes into Cyber (Pre Higher Education themes)

  • Cyber Security Education (Cyber in Higher Education themes)

  • Cyber Employability (Cyber career themes)

Problem Book Hit Count

The number of times a problem book page is visited (not unique visitors).

Input, Feedback & Insights Count

A collated count of all comments, feedback and insights that have been contributed to a problem book.

Active Collaborator Count

A count of collaborators who are actively contributing to a problem book. 

Meetings and Events Count

A count of meetings, events and activities that are deemed to feature or support a problem book.

Output Count

A count of resources that have been generated as a result of a problem book project. For example:

  • Documents (e.g., publications, reports, Infographics)

  • Web pages

  • Lab tutorials

  • Virtual Machines

  • Docker Images

  • Lecture Slides

  • Podcasts

  • etc.

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