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The CSE Problem Book

Welcome to the pilot of the Cyber Security Education (CSE) Problem Book

This resource has been established as a central hub through which the CSE community can share, define, scope, classify and mitigate problems in cyber security education.

The operational domain for cyber security education is continually evolving, as are the technologies, practices and processes that must be taught. The domain is complex. It has multifarious problems that sustain multifarious consequences, ranging from relatively minor, to critical.

What are the high level domains that define the scope of the CSE problem book?





NOTE: ACE-CSE institutions can use use these domains as a guide for classifying funding applications.

Problem book themes that align to some or all of the high level domains.

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  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative initiatives with industry.

  • Improving the accessibility, relevance, and impact of cyber education programmes across all education key stages.

  • Providing students and career changes with innovative and authentic learning experiences.

  • Providing students, alumni, career changers and professionals (e.g., from Government, Industry and Academia) with networking and professional contact building opportunities.

  • Increasing the number, scope and variety of internship and job placement opportunities for students and career changers.

  • Enhancing the provision of mentoring and careers guidance initiatives for students and career changers.

  • Promoting and improving engagement with lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development initiatives.

  • Enhancing proactive sharing of knowledge, resources, tools, and good practice between professionals from Government, Industry and Academia.

  • Enhancing and promoting impactful cyber security education research.

  • Enhancing outreach and advocacy in cyber security education.

  • Improving the scope and scale of equality, diversity and inclusion in computer science and cyber programmes.

  • Improving the scope and scale of equality, diversity and inclusion in cyber internships and placements.

  • Improving the scope and scale of equality, diversity and inclusion in cyber employability and job roles.

  • Enhancing and increasing the scope, scale, and methodologies for evaluating and measuring the impact of trends in cyber education.

To open a new problem book project, join CISSE UK, and use the "Submit a Problem Book" link from the members menu.

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