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Job Search Stress!

Searching online for cyber or technoogy jobs can be a stressful, complicated and confusing experience!

A conventional way to find a job opportunity via an online job portal, is to enter a search term that is based on a job title (e.g. "Cyber Security Engineer", "Information Security Risk Analyst" etc). However, it can be incredibly useful to conduct job research based on search terms relating to cyber, technology and operational management (e.g. terms like "siem", "ci/cd", "ISO27001" etc.), rather than focusing on job titles alone.

Cyber, technology and operational management search terms typically appear across many published job roles, that can often be missed when searches are limited to job titles only!

Every month, CISSE UK InSight publishes the Cyber, Technology and Operational (CyTO), Search Count, that profiles how many times a given search term is found in job adverts on It can be used by cyber career entrants and career changers to help:

  • Identify prospective career pathways

  • Plan and prioritise learning journeys

  • Continually monitor search term trends that can be used to inform career progression

How are search terms identified?

Search terms are identified through extensive analysis of job adverts that are specifically cyber security focused, or security related. Requisite experience with platforms, tasks, applications, tools, software, frameworks and standards etc., are identified and search tested. If they are terms that appear across multiple job adverts, they are featured in the CyTO Search Count results.

The latest InSight results can be accessed here!

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