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A Problem Shared...

Consider the following scenario...

  1. You attend a pivotal cyber education meeting that aims to address key problems.

  2. The meeting is a fantastic success, with attendees pledging ongoing collaboration to effect rapid change.

  3. Weeks later, meeting euphoria and initial momentum have all but evaporated.

  4. Another well-meaning opportunity for change fades, possibly to be reignited at the next pivotal meeting...possibly not!.

Moving Beyond the Confines of a Single Meeting Continuing conversations beyond the timeframe of a meeting, is essential for sustaining and maintaining collaborative ambitions, that ideally lead to positive and impactful change.

To support an endeavour of continuing conversations, CISSE UK (with the support of the NCSC) has launched a pilot phase of a community driven Cyber Security Education (CSE) Problem Book. The problem book aims to be a central hub through which the CSE community can share, define, scope, classify and mitigate problems in cyber security education.

Discover More

Problems are framed in the context of online Special Interest Groups, that can be supported by forum-based conversations, MS Teams meetings (on request), events and much more.

You can discover more about the problem book pilot here:

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