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Cyber, Technology and Operations Search Terms (CyTO)

CyTO search terms are identified through extensive analysis of job adverts relating to cyber roles, where the term "cyber" is considered to be the realm of online technologies (i.e. cyber space). Therefore, examples of search terms will include the domains of cyber security, operations, coding, networking, automation, cloud computing, project management and much more. Data has been collated for 145 search terms.

Search Count Results

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"Nessus is a proprietary vulnerability scanner developed by Tenable, Inc."

"Netskope helps customers reduce risk, accelerate performance, and get unrivaled visibility into any cloud, web, and private application activity."

Nexpose is an on-premises vulnerability scanner.

"A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a security appliance that processes network traffic and applies rules to block potentially dangerous traffic. NGFWs evolve and expand upon the capabilities of traditional firewalls."

The NIST Cybersecurity framework "is voluntary guidance, based on existing standards, guidelines, and practices for organizations to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk."

"Nmap ("Network Mapper") is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing."

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