How ECPs work!

What is an Employability Centred Project (ECP)?

ECPs are “real-world,” live project activities that are designed to align with BSc final year projects and MSc projects. They are typically designed and designated by practitioners from Government, Industry and Academia.

What is the motivation for developing the ECP concept?

The notion of Employability Centred Projects (ECPs) was inspired by hearing the first-hand testimony of many students who have struggled to find opportunities for gaining work-based skills and experience. In February 2020 CISSE UK hosted the Shaping the Future of Experience Workshop where the conceptual foundations of ECPs was established. This was followed by further work in February 2021, when CISSE UK hosted a student consultation event to hear about work experience, internship, and placement experiences, directly from students across the UK. Many students described: 

  • having very limited success in securing a placement, internship, or work experience opportunity that was related to their area of study.

  • placement, internship, or work experience opportunity as very limited

  • internship, or work experience opportunities being typically restricted to non-term time.

To test the ECP concept, CISSE UK ran a successful team-based ECP pilot for a duration of 7 weeks In July 2021.

What do ECPs aim to deliver?

ECPs aim to provide students with opportunities:

  • to undertake live projects for real clients.

  • to acquire technical, applied, and practical skills.

  • to enhance soft skills and professional competencies.

  • to develop experience narratives that can be used in interviews, as part of a personal profile, for social media posts and in CVs.

  • to create an evidence, base of personal milestones and achievements.

  • to have ECP experiences validated and publicly endorsed upon successful completion.

What is the workflow of an ECP?

APIs are a ubiquitous feature of modern web applications. However, designing APIs so that they are secure, is very challenging.
( Subsequently, APIs are popular attack surface for malicious parties who seek to compromise web applications and more broadly, the organisations that run them.

ECP Designator

The project designators for this ECP are:

  • Dr Charles Clarke (University of Roehampton)

  • Professor Graeme Jones (Kingston University)

ECP Aims

The aim of this project is to investigate, procure, document and test case API security best practices.

ECP Objectives
  • Implement requirements engineering processes to elicit both functional and non-functional requirements for this project.

  • Research, review and collate API security links, resources, and tools.

  • Elicit input from API developers.

  • Establish a structure for collating research artefacts in the shared project space.

  • Create a report, video or presentation that presents a narrative of API security.

  • Evaluate the utility of the report, video or presentation with developers as part of a test plan.

  • Create examples of before and after best practices within a virtualised test rig.

  • Create a debrief report of the project and its outcomes

API Security ECP

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